People rarely treat each other fairly. The fact of the matter is that many times people need to resort to the legal system in order to fight for what is fair and what is right.  In Connecticut, matters $5,000 or less can be pursued in Small Claims Court. It is called “small claims” because the amount of money you may recover is limited to $5,000.  The cost of beginning a case in Small Claims Court is also significantly less than the cost of starting a case in Superior Court. For many clients, this represents a significant advantage. Even if the case is started in Small Claims Court it can be transferred to Superior Court at a later time if that becomes necessary.  For many individuals Small Claims Court is an extremely effective tool for pursuing justice.

How your case is presented will directly impact the success or failure of your position. Navigating through the legal system, understanding the Connecticut Rules of Evidence, building a strong, well-crafted argument for your position, negotiating a settlement or arguing your case in Court are all things best handled by a competent legal professional. Attorney McEntee takes each and every case seriously and will advocate aggressively and zealously on your behalf.

The reasons for going to small claims are wide and varied. Some of the reasons can include breach of contract, landlord tenant issues, bill collection, small business issues, fraud, deception, and unfair and deceptive acts or practices. If you hire Attorney McEntee to represent you he will immediately begin gathering evidence, preparing your case for Court, and developing a strong legal argument should it be necessary to argue your case in Court.  Attorney McEntee is available for help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can be reached for a free consultation at (203) 982-8396.