Divorce can be an extremely complex matter. There are issues involving alimony, the division of property, child custody, child support, tax issues, retirement income, and numerous others. Attorney McEntee understands that these issues can weigh on your mind and create an enormous amount of stress. Attorney McEntee is sensitive to the stress and anxiety you are experiencing. It is important that you have a capable, competent, experienced, and zealous attorney acting on your behalf during the divorce process in order to obtain the most favorable out come possible given all of the facts and evidence. Attorney McEntee is available for help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Attorney McEntee can be reached for a free consultation at
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In the State of Connecticut you begin a divorce by filing a complaint and summons. If you are thinking of filing a divorce these forms may seem complex and confusing to you. If you are the receiving end of these forms, you may be extremely angry. Attorney McEntee may be able to help you regardless of what category you fall into. Attorney McEntee has represented both Husbands and Wives; both Plaintiffs and Defendants.

Once the divorce process has been initiated, Connecticut law requires a 90 day waiting period before divorce can become final. If no agreement can be reached during this 90 day waiting period then the parties begin discovery and exchange important financial documents. It is also possible during this time to go to family relations counseling, mediation, arbitration, special masters conference, or judicial pre-trial conference. If these judicial processes do not result in a settlement, the case is put down for trial.  Attorney McEntee can help you reach a fair and just settlement with your spouse during negotiations, or represent you zealously at trial.
While your case is awaiting final disposition the time period is referred to as Pendente Lite. During the Pendente Lite period it is possible to have your spouse start paying you alimony, child support, and household expenses almost immediately in certain situations. Contact Attorney McEntee to learn whether this would apply in your case.
If your spouse is asking you to pay alimony and child custody Attorney McEntee may also be able to offer you assistance. There are several defenses that can be raised to motions for alimony, child support, or the payment of household expenses. If you are on the receiving end of these documents, contact Attorney McEntee to learn how to mount a defense..

Child Support

In Connecticut the income and expenses of both parents are analyzed to determine the amount of child support that must be paid. This formula for making a determination can be difficult and confusing for some clients. Clients may not understand how to calculate child support guidelines, determine the amount of child support due when there is a split custody situation, the amount owed for day care expenses and health care expenses of the child, or how to calculate the amount of past due child support. Additionally, clients may not understand how to obtain the other parent’s financial and work information if they suspect that the other parent is hiding income. In some situations, the Court will even require a parent who is unemployed to pay child support.

It may also be possible to get the Court to issue an order relating to the payment of college expenses of the child at the time a motion for child support is argued.

Child support can be modified if there is a 15% change in income since the last court order relating to child support was entered. If your child’s parent has recently gotten a raise or a bonus at work, won money at the casino, or received an inheritance then you may be entitled to a higher amount of child support than you are currently receiving. If this applies to your situation, Attorney McEntee can evaluate whether or not you are owed additional money.

Child Custody

There are numerous factors that the Court considers when making a child custody decision. Some of the factors that the Court will consider when making a child custody decision are listed under Connecticut General Statutes, Section 46b-56(a). No one factor is more important than any other factor. The underlying consideration is what is in the best interests of the child. If you contact Attorney McEntee he will begin analyzing your case and gathering evidence to make the strongest argument possible for why you should have custody of your children.

Attorney’s Fees

Don’t let Money be an issue. It you are unable to pay attorney’s fees it may be possible in Connecticut to get your spouse to pay your attorney’s fees. It may also possible to have your spouse start paying you alimony, child support, and household expenses almost immediately in certain situations. Contact me to learn whether this would apply in your case. Please be aware that the Client is always responsible for paying all costs and expenses regardless of what side pays Attorney fees.