Should the tenant refuse to leave after judgment it may be necessary to file for an Execution and to hire a Marshal to forcibly remove the Tenant and their possessions from the Premises. This is a worst case scenario and not needed in every eviction matter. If a move-out is necessary, the Marshal will hire a moving crew and moving vans. These costs will be paid by the Client. The cost will depend on many people are living at the premises and how many items they have at the premises. The landlord will conduct the move out after service of the execution. All of the tenants property will be removed form the property and taken to storage. It will be the tenant’s responsibility to pay the fees required to get their property out of storage. If they do not remove their items from storage after 30 days they are disposed of.

Please also note that the Marshal will not remove garbage, vehicles, contaminated items, environmentally hazardous items, dangerous items, firearms, items that would be unsafe in any way to remove, and/or fixtures that are attached to the house or yard such as swing-sets.